July 24, 2018

Recommended listening: On The Media on framing

This past weekends episode of the On The Media podast had two intresting segments that deal with policy framing. The first segment dives into the origin story of the Overton Window theory which is probably well known to most of us, but i still found the discussion insigtfull and it is well worth listening too even if you are familiar with the concept.

On the surfcae the second segment on 30 years of climate change reporting has little do to with our little project here (although of course everything has to do with climate change these days), but it does provide a very powerfull illustration of how narrative framing can daramtically influence the policy options that policy makers feel they have. The example provided here is that by initially framing climate change as a pollution problem prevented us from fully realizing the scope of the problem and its irreversible carcter (most pollution is - at least in theory - reversible, C02 emmissions are not).