January 22, 2020

Shared Digital Europe at CPDP 2020

“Shared Digital Europe - a vision for European digital policy and platform regulation” is the theme of a panel that we are organising on Friday the 24th of January at this year’s edition of the CPDP conference in Brussels. This world-leading multidisciplinary conference on privacy and data protection is focused this year on issues related to artificial intelligence. We are happy that the organisers decided to include our panel, which focuses on another crucial issue: that of platform regulation.

The panel will be moderated by Alek Tarkowski (Centrum Cyfrowe) and joined by Maud Sacquet (Mozilla), Joris van Hoboken (VUB/IVIR), Michał Boni (Wilfred Martens Centre) and Paul Keller (IVIR/ Communia).

The new European Commission is developing a vision for "a Europe fit for the digital age",  on the basis of the old Digital Single Market paradigm. The new Digital Services Act - which entails a review of the E-Commerce Directive combined with new platform regulation - has been announced as a cornerstone of upcoming digital regulation.  Will civil society be able to propose its own vision for a European regulatory approach to online platforms?

The topic of platform regulation connects directly to this year’s focus of CPDP, that of regulating algorithms and artificial intelligence. Establishing proper algorithmic governance is at the heart of many current discussions about platforms and their impact on public debate, political polarisation, individual sovereignty, business models and user freedoms.

As the basis for discussion, we will use our “Shared Digital Europe” policy vision. Together with our panelists, we will explore what a progressive approach to platform regulation, based on Shared Digital Europe principles, could look like. We will discuss how we can move away from the market-centric vision of the Digital Single Market and what are the new values that we should focus on. We will also talk about a needed shift of focus from individual to collective rights, and disucss the possible role of public institutions in the platform ecosystem.

If you are at CPDP come join us on Friday the 24th at 1145h in Area 42 Grand.